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SyK Coin

Syk Coin is a masternodecoin. This allows our investors to participate in the success of our company.

Fair reward distribution 70 / 30 for investments with smaller budget.

Discuss with us, help us, entertain us – there is nothing to hide in chaos.

Over-the-counter markets are those in which participants trade directly between two parties, without the use of a central exchange or other third party.

SYSTEMATIC KNOCKOUT provides you with the platform to easily and safely connect and trade your coins with low risk.


Systematic Knockout or SyK is based in Santiago de los Caballeros in the Dominican Republic. The idea developed already 3 years ago and the first plans, first drafts for whitepapers were collected.

As a goal was of ever a platform which summarizes various services. On the one side in real life with our physical local as well as online. I manage a local, a meeting place for young and old. Needy children get a free meal and something to drink. We offer free internet for students to do their homework. We support several old people with food and pay their electricity bill. The wishes and suggestions of my customers came quickly. Because here in the Dominican Republic, people are open to many things, but many are missing education, especially outside the big cities. Many things are far away or very expensive to reach for a large part of the population. Everyday things like paying bills often involve higher costs for transportation than the actual bill represents. That’s why I very soon offered private payments and transfers for customers through my bank account, as a service, free of charge. They paid their bill here with me and I transferred the amount in real time from my bank account. In the meantime I cooperate with payment service providers to cover my costs with it as well. So also the payment of bills with crypto came into play and thus the purchase and sale of Bitcoins, ETH, ect ect.

Here in the country there are Bitcoin ATM, but with fees partly of 20% and these are used very active.
This gave rise to the next idea, a dedicated portal for buying and selling here in the country. This idea also developed over the years – into an OTC trade for Masternode and PoS Coins. For over 4 years this has been a private passion and one of my main sources of income from which I was able to build my business. Almost as long slumbered the idea of my own Coins for my projects.

And now it is so far. Today we start our beta portal for OTC trading which we are constantly expanding and extending. More projects will follow, you can see them in the timeline.

We all know, in the financial world, there are many opportunities. Banks, exchanges, traders, cash, digital money, cryptos, exchanges ect ect.
It is very easy to lose the overview. Especially in the area of masternodes, some will agree with me that such a sale of certain coins, let’s say one or more masternodes is very difficult to sell or buy. Especially with the smaller coins, you quickly get to the point that the price is pushed down very massively by the sale because the demand is simply not available on the individual exchanges.I also do not want to push down the value of my other masternodes by selling one. Likewise, there are often not enough coins on offer to buy a masternode or the missing coins for a collateral update or then at extreme prices.

And this is where SyK OTC helps both DEVs and investors. Because by selling on the SyK platform, the prices on the exchanges are not manipulated or pushed down so extremely that the complete community is affected.

We want to make this as easy as possible for the seller and the buyer. Like in an auction or in a store – place an offer, adjust prices if necessary and wait until a buyer shows interest and buys. Direct communication through our platform to the complete purchase transaction. Payment is in Bitcoin or Litecoin. ETH and other coins if the community wishes, we add more coins.

Low fees and maximum 0.00002 BTC withdrawal fees.
20% of the income from the platform goes to investors, another 20% for maintenance and 60% is used to buy up SYK coins from the market and burn them. Coins from the social projects are also converted and irretrievably destroyed. The unalterable proofs are made public via our discord server. 



Buy and sell your SyK coins on our partner exchanges. SyK will soon be listed on more exchanges as part of our new project. 

You can also offer or buy SyK Coins here in our OTC portal.



2017 - 2021
The idea was born
The idea

Through various experiences, details for a new project have been formed. In November 2020 we have already secured the domain and since then we have been working intensively on the project.

Q1 2022
Official launch of SyK projekt

Publication of the vision and timeline.

Q1 2022
First steps
Launch beta OTC Market

Launch beta OTC Market


Launch SyK Coin and issue to first investors

Coinlisting on Exbitron

Q2 2022
Expansion OTC Market

Beta 2 new OTC Market

New Homepage


Q4 2022
Here we go

1st phase marketing

Expansion of our social projects

Q1 2023
Kids club

Kidsclub with courses

Launch new OTC Market

Expansion of the local store

2nd phase marketing

Q1 -Q3 2023
It continues!
The way forward

Auction platform

Webcam of the local store


Q1 2024
Establish on the market

2nd phase auctions platform

expansion usecase SyK Coin

3rd phase OTC Market

The big step
The rocket

Binance - we are coming!